institución educativa vigia del fuerte

Situated deep within the Colombian rainforest, the village of Vigia del Fuerte exists in near complete detachment from the rest of the country.  All goods that cannot be farmed within the village are shipped four hours by boat, and even that boat is more that ten hours by bus from the nearest metropolitan area.  Furthermore, the village occupies a clearing between the dense jungle and the powerful Rio Atrato, which floods three months of the year.  As a result, the village is a network of elevated pathways which connect modest wooden dwellings to a main commercial corridor.

A response to Sergio Fajardo's 'Antioquia la Más Educada' initiative, Institución Educativa Vigia del Fuerte is a school and public space.  Programmed to support three daily academic sessions, IE Vigia will serve as the village's principal academic center.  In addition, it will serve as an emergency shelter and community gathering place during the annual flood season.

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Location: Vigia del Fuerte, Antioquia, Colombia

Program: School + Public Space

Team: FSA - Francisco Sanin (prinicpal in charge), Ryan Novi (team manager)

with Pedro Dorta, Francis McCloskey-Lopez, Stacey Lindbloom, Yannick Mathews, Frank Romero

Client: VIVA - Gobernacion de Antioquia

Status: design development

Year: 2014